What is Cambria?

Cambria is a natural stone surface that is elegant and practical. Quartz is one of the hardest and most abundant minerals found in nature. Cambria is 93% pure, natural quartz.


Does Cambria require care and maintenance?

No. Cambria is incredibly maintenance free because it is non-porous. Simply wipe with warm water. NO sealing required.


Does Cambria withstand heat?

Natural stone can be damaged by sudden and rapid change of temperature especially near the edges, as well as direct or sustained heating of the top. The use of a hot pad or trivet is always recommended.


Will Cambria stain?

Cambria is extremely resistant to staining. Fruit juice, food coloring, coffee, tea and nail polish will not leave stains on Cambria. Cambria's high gloss finish and extremely low moisture absorption provides resistance to staining and eliminates the need for sealing.


What about bacteria?

Cambria's non-porous surface greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth from food absorbing in your countertop.


Cambria warranty?

Cambria is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty



Cambria = Family Owned and American Made.



Cambria standard polished color designs (this does not include the Luxury color designs or Matte finish color designs) are offered at the same price.  Call Ideal Surfaces, Inc. with questions.


Who fabricates and installs Cambria?

Ideal Surfaces, Inc.